Matt Taibbi: Obama baited and switched us, and let Wall Street take over the White House

Matt Taibbi takes aim at the Obama administration. He accuses the President of running as a progressive, but then allowing Robert Rubin and various Wall Street allies dictate policy. Can’t say we disagree.

That quote is not from the hard left, but from ClusterStock, a financial blog that tilts rightward and libertarian. They too are increasingly alarmed by an administration that give banksters whatever they want while the rest of us get hosed by them.

Taibii says that after winning the election, Obama fired the progressives guiding his campaign and then brought in hordes of Citigroup / Wall Street types. About the first thing they did was give Citi a free and easy bailout. Since then, White House bailouts of banks have continued while they have tried to block any possibility of genuine financial reform in Congress.

Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs: Accounting fraud of the Too Big to Fails may be worse than Enron.

Obama tells unemployed they’re not a priority
. I guess you have to be an investment banker for that. Then you get to pay yourself huge sums for cratering the economy while the government says nothing.

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