A tale of two shelter cats. Harry and Ginger

I'm a little dazed and confused but this sure beats the pound
I'm a little dazed and confused but this sure beats the pound

We went to a country shelter today to look at Ginger, a 10 yo female cat, whose owner had died. She’d been there for two months. Sue really tried to get a friendly response from Ginger but couldn’t. Staff said Ginger was extremely difficult. You could be petting her one minute, then suddenly she’d attack, claws out and biting. One volunteer who specializes in saving and domesticating feral cats said Ginger would be more difficult than a feral. Maybe she was a fine cat with her owner, but the damage done since then was too deep.

We looked around. Most the cats were labeled as having major behavior problems. But then we found Harry, 6 months old, and no problems, just an allergic owner. He’s calm, peaceful, and instantly let us hold him. We took him home and hope to find a permanent place for him soon.

Pounds now are overflowing with animals. If you can, try to adopt or foster one of them. Some private animal shelters have a no-kill policy. The county shelters in LA do not, they simply have too many animals to keep them all. So, within the next few days, they will put down Ginger.

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