Why is the left so bizarrely obsessed with Sarah Palin?

Sure, she’s news. But too many liberals and lefties foam at the mouth at the mere mention of her name. I’m sure she appreciates the free publicity.

Here’s a tip, don’t try to understand her. It’ll just make your head hurt. She sometimes doesn’t make much sense and appears immune to logic. It’s like trying to understand the LaRouchies or the Spartacists. Don’t even try. Your time is better spent elsewhere.


  1. Yep:

    “It’s not every day that I say this, but I think Matt Taibbi and Nate Silver are both fundamentally wrong about Sarah Palin. Lady Starburst will not be the Republican nominee and she is not a “supremely gifted politician”, because she is not a politician at all anymore. She’s a huckster. She’s not about changing Washington or the Republican party or any grand cause other than herself. Her book and the way it is being promoted are perfectly calculated to sell books and not all calculated to get herself elected president. Flamboyant bridge burning, a book tour that pisses off fans while generating lots of media attention, a bizarre war of words with a trou-dropping teen-ager—these are all things that sell books and lose votes.”

    A grifter, no more or less, and not worthy of our attention. Really, she’s like the Ann Coulter of the 21st century, making a fortune “pissing off liberals” but not really doing anything of any substance. So who cares?

  2. I think the real question is, why is the Right so obsessed with Sarah Palin? She was in my town this weekend doing a book signing. There were thousands lined up to see her and get a signed copy of her book. There were about a dozen people protesting with signs. This from an area that’s highly Democratic, with a Democratic mayor, representatives and the like. (It’s SO Dem here that the Republicans didn’t even run someone against most of the positions here, including the mayor, in the last election.)

    I don’t think it’s the left that’s gone insane over her. Most of us are of the same opinion, that being scratching our heads going “Why are they so enthralled by her of all people?” People were more vocal when she was running with McCain because she had potential to be really dangerous. I doubt she’ll get the chance to do that again. But like any small fire you expect to burn itself out, you still need to keep an eye on it. If the wind blows just right, it may spread…

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