UC Berkeley tuition protest

Video via SFist where a commenter says

I’m confused. I missed the part where the UC regents have access to a magic wand they can wave to produce $500 million out of thin air.

The whole freaking state of California is broke. No, wait. “Broke” implies you just have no money. California is much worse off than that. It owes vast sums it has no idea how to pay.

In a state with huge unemployment and a high foreclosure rate, the tuition increases might not seem that onerous to many.

For an undergraduate student from California, annual fees will rise from $7,788 to $8,373 this academic year, and to $10,302 for next year.

Just saw a Facebook post about a single mother who got laid off four months ago, has looked hard for a job ever since with no luck and just got an eviction notice. Her daughter is fourteen.

California. The party is over. At least for a while. The money just isn’t there.