Bernie Madoff’s ruby-encrusted Santa Muerte

Example of Santa Muerte (Utne Reader)
Example of Santa Muerte (Utne Reader)

Santa Muerte is the Saint of Death in Mexico, and is a mix of Catholicism and voodoo / indigenous religions mixed together. She is worshipped by the poorest of the poor and lately by drug cartels, who sometimes have shrines to her in their mansions. Utne Reader explains more and is where the image of her comes from, Scary isn’t she?

So what was Bernie Madoff doing with a ruby-encrusted Santa Muerte? It’s for sale at the auction of his goods. Suspicious minds might wonder if it was a gift from a drug cartel.

Those at the auction were apparently underwhelmed. There was no massive bling. Nothing huge and expensive. So, where did Madoff’s money come from and where did it go? Because a whole lot of it is missing. Sure, they sold the homes and boats. So maybe that’s $30 million. But there are still tens of billions missing. Where the money originated from and where it is now is a subject that gets practically no discussion.

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