Remedial constitutional law for Republicans

Not sayin’ all of them need it but…

Clearly some of them do:

Ya think? Some of them may need some work on The Pledge of
Allegiance, as well:

H/T to ctblogger at MLN for the Boehner and Akin videos. And just a quick note to say thanks to Bob for inviting me on board. I’ll try not to be too off the mark in my own brand of crazy.


  1. You got the second and third videos right. I’ll skip a YouTube for the next post. 🙂

  2. Or should I say the 3rd and 2nd videos right but out of order? lol

    • Fixed. (CTman1 is learning the oddities of WordPress posting, ie, cut and paste of a YouTube URL into the edit window in Visual mode will bonk the YouTube code. So I copied it in. But forgot a video, apparently!)

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