Willfully blind banksters. And changing public opinion

angry mob


For those of you keeping tabs on the building anger and making notes for the future show trials, pay special attention to the story about how Goldman Sachs got more H1N1 vaccine doses than Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

How can these bankster playerz be so blind? This is pouring gasoline on dry tinder and dancing on the woodpile, lit matches in hand kind of stupid.

He also says check out John Robb’s latest as a must-read. I agree. Six months ago I thought Robb and Jim Kunstler were overly pessimistic. But I hadn’t factored in the willful blindness of the bankster class and the craven complicity of the federal government to please them and ignore the public.

However, things seem to be changing rather quickly and for the better too.

The creeping power of the banksters started with Reagan and was greatly accelerated by the loathsome repeal of Glass-Steagal under Clinton. There’s plenty of blame for both parties here.

But the corruption has gotten so inbred and the banksters have destroyed so much that all the secret back room deals and manipulation of the government by banks is out in the open now. Everyone knows it. That is precisely what they can not operate under – light, a genuine attempt at truth, scrutiny of the media. The pendulum is swinging back our way. People in all walks of life are outraged by the greed, abuse of power, theft, and corruption. This includes those at the top of the economic ladder too.

A few examples:

A former CEO of Citigroup has apologized for his role in repealing Glass-Steagal and says it should be reinstated and banks should be broken into parts as well.

Alan Greenspan now also says the big banks should be broken up.

Goldman is so gobsmacked by the current loathing against them they, in a bedraggled and pathetic PR attempt, tried to pretend they follow the teachings of Jesus.

Bank of England: State and banks collusion fueling economic ‘doom loop’

All these bankster machinations were hidden for decades. Now the clear light of day is shining in on them. I’d say the people are now starting to win, not the bankers.

One last tidbit, and I bet some hedge fund slime had to change their Depends after reading this.

A US attorney in the ever-widening Galleon hedge fund insider trading scandal said to those who might be at risk of being indicted, “I urge you to come knocking on our door before we come knocking on yours.”

This scandal may be larger than Enron or Madoff. Some think the feds started with indictments against those associated with Galleon because their real target is much bigger game indeed.