Various links. 11/06/09

Ex Citigroup-CEO apologizes for role in building it, says bring back Glass-Steagall and break up Citigroup.

Alan Grayson. Congressman with guts

Doubt raised about theory of peak oil.

Arrested trader Zvi Goffer nicknamed “Octopussy” because he had sources everywhere.

A Right Wing Coup. Tory Euro-skeptics power grab endangers ECR Group and UK Election chances.

Dicking and dithering in Afghanistan

The creeping power grab by the executive branch and Federal Reserve

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash. While selling the same crap to clients.

Fannie Mae sale-rentback scheme to keep homes off the market.

Mexico cartels corrupting US law enforcement. Which should be no surprise.

Basij beat women senseless in streets. Imagine what they do in the prisons

Was accused Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein running dirty Russian money?

10 year old girl. Dad in Iraq. (So she thinks).