Doug Henwood predicts future

Posts ‘Tomorrow’s election analysis tonight‘ before polls open.

A year after being pronounced dead, the Republicans are resurgent! Liberals will say that this proves that Obama must move to the left, but Obama will tack to the right. The rightward tilt will prompt a spate of anguished blog posts and Nation editorials wondering why Obama is doing it.

You read it here first.

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  1. Where else would a party in power go except to the right. Over here we have seen the Labour Party created by such left radicals as Keir Hardie go further right than the Conservatives. We have seen it turn into a war mongering right wing party of the corporations. Those with the real power in the land make sure that is the case. It would not be handed the reins of power if they had any doubt, the sytem is set up that way. It is the system that is wrong not this leader or that leader, this party or that party.

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