WhiteHouse.gov now runs on open source Drupal


This makes Jamie at Intoxination happy. He moved Crooks and Liars to Drupal from WordPress a while back.

Given the extensibility of Drupal and existing modules that can provide anything from a full social network site to a major campaign site, including email letters, I say we can expect to see a much more user oriented whitehouse.gov.

In email to me, he notes

The Department of Commerce has been switching to Drupal also. And then there’s this new URL shortening site the government made that’s powered by Drupal:


Apparently the government LOVES Drupal.


  1. My feelings on Drupal are so mixed. I have a couple of years of intensive use of Drupal, and have seen many powerful features and capabilities from Drupal. The thing that made me switch to another open source CMS is the lack of simplicity in Drupal code.

    I believe the government loves Drupal, since its possible to modify the code enough to make it user friendly for content management.

    Unfortunately, the government has not made any wise decisions in many years, so just because the government gives something its seal of approval, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.


    Josh M.
    Miami web Design
    Chamber of Commerce

    • WordPress is far simpler to understand and implement than Drupal. However Drupal is more flexible, has a strong code-vetting process and lots more.

      Her’s a good overview.


      Jamie found that Drupal simply scaled better than WordPress, which is a major reason CrooksandLiars went from WP to Drupal. WP strains at 150,000 user sessions a day, Drupal doesn’t.

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