Huge marijuana bust and drinking bong water (Eeew)

24,500 marijuana plants were found in 50 converted homes in northern California, after a long investigation. The growers paid several hundred thousand each for the homes, so this obviously was high level organized crime. I wonder, was the price of the home just a minor expense, or maybe they put a little money down and eventually defaulted on the mortgages so the cost wasn’t much?

Let’s run the numbers. 24,500 plants / 50 houses = 490 plants per house. A scan of marijuana growing and legalization websites indicates 3.5 ounces per indoor plant. So the yield per house would be 490 plants x 3.5 ounces per plant = 1715 ounces. Yes, they would have killed the useless males, but I expect all the growing plants would then be females. Then, figure a conservative 3 growing seasons a year. So the total yield per house would be 1715 ounces * 3 seasons = 5,145 ounces or 321 pounds. High grade marijuana, which is no doubt what they were growing, goes for $2,500-4,000 a pound. But they probably aren’t selling it by the pound but are wholesaling in much bigger lots. So call it $1,000 a lb. That’s $321,000 per house x 50 homes = $16 million a year. And these numbers are conservative.

How fast can you make a million dollars with a marijuana store? Just plug in the numbers and the calculator tells you.

Really folks, let’s just legalize it.

You’re wondering about that ‘drinking bong water’ in the title, right?

86 months for 2.5 tablespoons of bong water with meth in it? That may happen to a woman in Minnesota. A cop who testified said people sometimes shoot or drink bong water, something which seems completely absurd.

Except, it’s not.

Lynnwood Kid drinks meth bong water, later dies (from being beaten for acting bizarrely after drinking the bong water. No charges were filed.)

It’s called worb water and is in the Urban Dictionary. (This is even dumber than some of the ways I used to get high…)


  1. 50 houses in N Cali – bunch of Old Loggers putting food on their families. They may be ‘networked’, somewhat organized, but not an ‘organized’ grow, which produce three to four times that count per growing facility. I could be mistaken, but knowing the economic climate here in Cascadia as I do – hey! it’s what I do! – my bet is a bunch of Old Logger / Hippie / Biker types just tryin’ to get by.

    Not to mention it is the government going after the wrong guys. You know, kinda’ like that black man from a furin country recently arrested on Wall Street.

    I bet the cops down there are running in threes…

        • Sir, are you implying the feds should rather be investigating the (Anglo) pillars of the community banksters who are laundering all that drug money??? Some perspective is needed, please.

          • Regardless of the level of organization, i agree, just legalize it. And any kid willing to drink bong water (eewww) should be beaten, Im just sorry it was to death.

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