Fairly Unbalanced: Why not attack Fox?

FOXNEWS distort comply

Marc Cooper

I have no problem with the White House stepping aside from the fiction that Fox News is just some regular old news network and is not, in fact, a blatantly partisan and blatantly anti-Obama propaganda machine. Let me be clear also in saying that Fox has the perfect right to be that way and in some ways I wish more media outlets had a sharper and more explicit world view and stopped hiding behind the fiction that they are pristine neutral. Indeed, my only problem with Fox is that it pretends to be something very different than what it is, which makes it doubly hypocritical.

Fox is not an adversary the way we wish most aggressive news outfits would and should be. I repeat, it is a partisan political operation which operates in obvious bad faith. Screw ’em.

Fox likes to play whack-a-mole. So what if it gets whacked back?