Tired of the slime and corruption? Let’s have a Showdown in Chicago

showdowni in Chigago

Join us on October 25-27 for a series of demonstrations when thousands of Americans – retirees, farmers, workers, homeowners, renters, students, clergy, and small business owners – come together on the streets of Chicago to demand a banking system that puts the American people first and a Congress that makes it happen!

PIMCO dumps $80 billion of fed-sponsored agencies on taxpayer’s lap; makes over $1 billion

At least 10 more insider trading arrests coming

Moody’s leak disclosed, other potential compromised data identified

California sues State Street over pension-fund trades

Paulson’s secret waiver to work on Goldman matters

Attorney calls FINRA execs “liars”, says only interested in appearance of enforcement

Bernanke guilty
of coercion and market manipulation, says Mish

Arrested IBM exec Moffat was also responsible for outsourcing jobs to wherever was the cheapest, no matter who got fired or hurt. What a guy…

Angry yet?