Medical marijuana. a growth industry?


Jeralyn, a lawyer, at TalkLeft gets several calls a day from people wanting to open medical marijuana dispensaries. The Federal government recently announced they won’t pursue such cases if it’s legal in a state.

My iPhone map just returned several nearby locations for “medical marijuana.” Yeah, it’s a growth industry.

Does marijuana help some people with genuine medical needs? Absolutely. But the system clearly is being gamed by those with no actual medical need. (I knew you’d be shocked.) It used to be Dr. Feelgood would give you scripts for whatever pills you wanted. Now he can also prescribe marijuana. The medical marijuana clinics are filled with people who got scripts from corrupt doctors.

Also, who is growing it? I doubt it’s just your friendly hippie farmer in the country, but more likely major drug cartels, many of whom are extremely violent. Further, the prices are absurdly expensive. $35-75 for an eighth of an ounce in Los Angeles, for example. Someone is making a lot of money off this.

I haven’t smoked marijuana in a long time nor will I again. But given the corruption caused by drug cartels and sleazy doctors, isn’t it just simpler to legalize it?

In fact, I think that’s what’s happening. Medical marijuana is the back door way to legalization and everyone knows it.