• Haven’t read it.

      From Amazon:

      “Mr. Nader has produced a wonderful piece of fiction that I’d love to see become nonfiction!”-Tom Peters, author of The Secret of Excellence

      This vivid fictional account by three-time presidential candidate and best-selling author Ralph Nader asks: What if several of America’s wealthiest individuals decided it was time to work for the collective good?

      Seems a bizarre concept for someone who fought big money / power most his life. I mean, I suppose pigs could fly and Goldman Sachs will devote themselves to helping the poor, but I’m not holding my breath.

  1. From an e-mail that I just received from Ralph: “Remember, the title is in quotes. You could say it’s my answer to Ayn Rand.”

    If you haven’t read it, Bob, how do you know it’s not satire?

    • Does this sound like satire? From his Democracy Now interview


      RALPH NADER: The issue again is, are we going to get the leadership from the enlightened super-rich to put the field organizers on the ground and to put the money into progressive campaigns and citizen action?

      AMY GOODMAN: Your book, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”, it’s just out. Kind of fiction, not really nonfiction, you call it a practical utopia. Where did you get the title?

      RALPH NADER: The title came from—Warren Buffett was watching post-Katrina in his living room in Omaha, and he saw these streams of poor people fleeing the floods and the winds, and no food, no water, no shelter, on the highways north of New Orleans. And no one was helping them. And so, he couldn’t take it anymore, and he got a whole convoy of supplies, and he took them down to the New Orleans area. He went down himself and distributed all the food and the tents and the medicine to these desperate families and came across an African American family, who was helping, and the grandmother grabbed his hands, looked up at him and said, “Only the super-rich can save us.”

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