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  1. In the old days, Jim was one of my heroes. I got to see him play about 1984 at a little club in Hollywood. (Exine Cervanka and John Doe in a group called The Knitters warmed up.)

    During a break between songs, I pushed my way up to the front of the stage and handed up my copy of “Living At The Movies” for autograph. The drummer had already begun the next song, but Jim held up his hand and they stopped while he signed my book. Then the drummer started again, and they sang “People Who Died.” Despite an ocean of gin & tonics, that’s a moment I will never forget.

    Later (sober) I saw him do a couple of readings at UCLA. Poet and author, yes, but I’ll always remember him as a musician.

    “When the city drops into the night
    Before the darkness there’s one moment of light.
    That’s when everything seems clear
    The other side, it seems so near.”

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