ACORN is toast


And deservedly so. What they did is not defensible, and there’s no way they will survive this intact. Nor should they.

If you surfed the internets at all today it was probably hard to avoid hearing about the alleged undercover footage of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now in Baltimore.

The series of two YouTube videos reportedly shows an undercover couple posing as a prostitute and an aspiring future Congressional candidate, who solicit help from ACORN to get around federal tax laws, avoid attention from the law and funnel the “proceeds” into the Congressional election fund.

ACORN 101: prostitution tax evasion illegal immigration child sex trade

Soon thereafter, the boyfriend states that they want to bring up some very young girls from El Salvador to “learn” how to do what he and his girlfriend did, which was very clearly admitted to be prostitution. These girls were going to be illegal aliens as the tape shows. The ACORN representative even suggested that they could claim at lease some of them as dependents and get a child credit for them. The ACORN Rep not only does not blink, but says that they won’t have problems with the feds.

That’s got to be any number of felonies, I’m guessing.

2 ACORN employees fired, could face criminal charges

Andrew Brietbart and his new site Big Government, is all over the story.

Like I’ve been saying for quite a while, the Left needs to re-read Alinsky. because the Right sure has.

Filmmaker James O’Keefe, 25-year-old independent filmmaker, has his own theory about how to expose people on the left and he’s using Alinsky rules. One of the Saul Alinsky rules in dealing with your enemies is making your enemies live by their own rules will destroy them. So O’Keefe’s theory is, hey, just calling attention to their corruption and disagreeing with it and demanding that it stop isn’t going to accomplish anything. We’ve got to go encourage the corruption and illustrate how it happens.

I agree. Corruption anywhere needs to be opposed and stopped. Even if that quote about Alinsky is from Rush Limbaugh, who of course ludicrously tries to link Obama to it. But that doesn’t lessen what he says about the corruption.

Yes, most of the links here are from the Right. Liberals, progressives and the left need to loudly say that what ACORN did is stomach-turning, and not, as it appears, be oddly silent about the whole thing.