Van Jones did indeed speak at communist meetings


Obama’s Green Jobs czar did at least twice speak at meetings that either were fronted by or actually were communist. Yup, he did. One was a NION founding meeting, NION being a front group for the Maoist, cult-like Revolutionary Communist Party. The other was a Committees for Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism fundraiser. They are a direct split from the US Communist Party.

He also appears to be a 9/11 Truther as he signed that petition and helped organize a march demanding a Congressional investigation.

It’s difficult to see how the White House vetting process could have missed all this. Maybe it didn’t, and figured his obvious green qualifications were much more important. But now they appear to let him sink or swim on his own, with little support from them. The liberal press seems to be studiously avoiding this as much as possible while the hard left is, yet again, absent and not saying anything about it. Maybe they don’t want to hurt him further but really, the hard left seems mostly comatose now.

All in all, a very curious situation.

My take: CCDS is tepid. NION was a player in the early antiwar protests and other players had to deal with them. ANSWER was controlled by Workers World then PSL. NION by RCP, and United for Peace by Leslie Cagan, a CCDS member. That doesn’t mean those dealing with them were necessarily hard core communists. But it’s the Truther stuff that will probably kill Van Jones.

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  1. ‘Yawl know me, always delving through the bowels of conspiracy theory. I came across a great one the other day that had me laughing so hard m’jeans still ain’t dry. You’ll never believe it, but there’s this theory out there that nineteen religious whackos, armed with only box-cutters, hijacked multiple aircraft over the most heavily guarded airspace in the known universe and crashed them into icon structures specifically engineered to withstand just such impact and thereby caused them to collapse into there own footprints… indeed, caused one building the wasn’t even struck to collapse into its own footprint.

    Man-o-man, the crazy shit some creatures believe.

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