Top Ten Differences between Bush & Obama first 7 months

From Juan Cole, here’s a few, read them all.

1. Has no plans to invade any new oil countries.

3. Knows how to safely consume pretzels.

7. Worried about 47 million uninsured, not about 47 thousand idle rich multi-millionaires.


  1. 3 is a cheap shot, and not particularly funny considering he might have DIED and left us in the hands of President Cheney and Vice President Hoyer. Har har har, a pretzel almost took him out.

    6 even Juan Cole should know better than to say. Baghram? Afghanistan? Iraq? Wiretapping? Prosecutions? Blackwater? Come on now, you know I could keep going.

    8 is just flat out inaccurate. TARP???

    7/10 though…hm.

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