Town hall meeting disruptions could tilt the populace to the left

crying baby

As mentioned previously, in the 60’s Jerry Rubin said “kill your parents.” Things got quite radical then. But within a few years, the right wing was ascendant and the left mostly in tatters. That’s because the middle class got turned off by leftie howlings and went rightward. The right saw this as a huge organizing opportunity and took full advantage of it. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that the pendulum started moving leftwards again.

The same process could happen here. The hard right is howling in anger because, after eight years of having protection coming from the White House, they have little political mojo left So they’re having infant temper tantrums, banging their rattle on the high chair. All that’s needed is that the left and those having meetings have contingency plans and know how to deal with potential troublemakers.

But could things get violent? Well, this is America… But after the Kent State shootings Jerry Rubin said look they’re killing people, most of us can’t stand up to that and don’t want to either, me included. So we need to find a better way because very few of us genuinely want to live underground. The same is true of the right wing now.

Besides, all their howling and temper tantrums quite possibly could shift the middle class leftwards. And we should take full advantage of that.