Robert Kaplan, Former neocon, former IDF fighter, wants US to impose peace on Israel & Palestinians



I like Robert Kaplan’s writing. Even though he was a big Iraq war supporter, he publicly repented in 2004. His book, Balkan Ghosts, is terrific.

But, in general, I have not admired his work on Israel. Kaplan, who is an American, served in the IDF and I think that bonding experience colored his work. I’m sure he’d agree.

In any case, he is now off the reservation. Writing in Atlantic this month, he warns Israel that it is not only the administration which is critical of Israel, it is also Americans at large. He sees a parting of the ways unless Israel ends the occupation.

This is a serious big deal. Military theorists, neo-cons, conservatives, and fellow travelers all cite him as a major influence, as do thoughtful blogs like Coming Anarchy (who got their name from one of his books.)