Bruce Foods using methane waste to power itself


Bruce Foods, a manufacturer of Tex-Mex food and hot sauces is converting a plant to run on recovered methane.

The Wilson plant, one of four owned by the Tex-Mex specialist, produces canned yams, potatoes and gravies, which results in huge mounds of food waste and consequently a prodigious output of methane. Previously, the plant simply vented the methane but purchased natural gas to run its equipment. After the expansion is complete, the plant will run mainly on recovered methane.

This is a definite and welcome trend. It’s way better for the environment and saves companies money as well as guaranteeing stable energy supplies. Everyone wins. Chicken processing plants are turning the leftover glop into biofuel. Pig farms are getting methane from poop. Many kinds of manufacturing waste can be used to create energy or biofuel. Companies are realizing rather than paying to landfill waste, it can become a new income stream or save them money by converted turned into energy and fuel. Everyone wins.