So many miscreants

The Big Picture on Randall Forsyth’s piece in Barron’s about who is responsible for the current economic meltdown

Note what Forsyth writes: Not that there are no villains, but that its hard to pick the worst of the bunch out of all the miscreants involved. Still, it seems he is nominating Greenie as the front runner.

That would be Allen Greenspan, early devotee of Ayn Rand and her “greed is good” philosophy. He wasn’t just a follower, he was part of her inner circle from the beginning.

And yet some other people continue to think there were no villains in all of this. Some folks have suggested its simply a case of defining deviancy down, but I believe the more likely explanation is that its yet another Atlas-addled brain unable to process evidence that conflicts with now hard-wired ideology.

Call it yet another case of cognitive dissonance . . .

Ayn Rand provided a philosophical justification for looting and plundering and much of the current financial wreckage was wrought by her followers.