Cellulosic ethanol. TNG



Cellulose as a source of cheap simple sugars, and an army of underpaid microbes that convert simple sugars into green gasoline, green diesel — the drop-in fuels — as well as a base for a dizzying array of renewable chemicals. God bless Joe VC, Martha VC, and Uncle Sam who put up the money for the first wave of cellulosic conversion. The second wave has hit the beach, in the guise of ExxonMobil, Dow, BP, and DuPont, and with them comes the heavy artillery that will get the job done.

They give a detailed description of what’s coming. One enormous advantage here. These biofuels and chemicals are produced from waste that normally costs companies money to have trucked to landfills. Now they can produce their own fuel with it or get paid for their waste.