Amazon killed the Kindle star

Amazon is watching your Kindle
Amazon is watching your Kindle

Amazon just mass deleted ebooks on Kindles that customers had bought and paid for. Yes, they got a refund, but that’s not really the point is it? Why even bother to buy ebooks from them if they might get zapped from afar without warning.

To make matters worse for Amazon, the books were by George Orwell.

Podcastingnews sums it up well.

It’s bad enough that Amazon is remotely deleting books that people thought they had bought – but the books happen to be the works of George Orwell – 1984 & Animal Farm.

What’s next – Fahrenheit 451?

It’s a public relations disaster for Amazon, resulting in headlines like Think You Own the Book You Bought for Your Kindle? You Don’t, Says Amazon and Whose Kindle Is It Anyway?

The tragedy of the Kindle is that it’s cutting edge technology designed to enforce the status quo of publishing – and nothing revolutionary is going to come out of that.

The technology for ereaders is here, but we need something better than the Kindle.

PS Amazon is promising to never ever do that again.


  1. On the other hand, check out Google Books– an amazing collection of over a million scanned works in the public domain ranging from historical works and fiction to the lost science of cheesemaking. All readable online, or downloadable. And it’s free! (Plus a content-searchable database of literally millions more books that are not in the public domain.) As far as I’m concerned, THAT’s revolutionary!

  2. I will keep Google books in mind.

    I may still buy a Kindle. I just need to go into it understanding what I am gettingmyself into.

    I suspect if I already owned a Kindle and this happened, I would be pretty pissed off too.

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