Harry Potter and the Half-Dead Movie

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The new Harry Potter movie starts off with a stunning open sequence but then meanders all over the place with no real plot coherence. Even the opening sequence, which shows Death Eaters attacking London, has no apparent relevance to the rest of the movie and is never mentioned again. That’s what I mean by no plot coherence.

As for the Half-Blood Prince, you finally do get to know who he is, but just barely. Sue, who has read all the books, says the Half-Blood Prince is explained much better in the book – as is most everything else. The book was exciting, and the dialogue was already good, she says. So why did they change it? And produce this uninspired mish-mash instead.

The whole thing just seems a build up for the final movie, where we’ll see the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. At least that might be exciting.

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  1. I did find this one to be unlike the ones before it. At least in the ones before it were followable in their own way. Why did Harry’s father look like a stag? You never find out in the movie, but you do in the book. And really, it doesn’t matter until the next movie, where it’s explanied.

    In this one, there was a lot that wasn’t followable unless you read the book first (which I didn’t). Why was there such a big deal about hiding the book? He made one potion with it, and read it at night once. In the book it was clear… Lots of little things like that made the movie almost confusing for people who hadn’t read the book, where previous movies covered the basics well, hinting at more in the book.

    I’m hopfull that the next movie does a better job of bringing the key items in from the book. This one did NOT do a good job.

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