Microsoft has turned the corner

So says mini-Microsoft, a blog anonymously written by a Microsoft employee that often can be scathing. But no more. He says Microsoft is now doing everything right. Why?

– Windows 7 is a superior product. This often from geeks who assumed it would suck.

– Bing is a seriously good search engine.

– Silverlight is a “Flash-killer.”


– Office will now be in the cloud.

– Microsoft will release a streaming music service by the end of this month.

Plus, “Google is dulling.” Worse, there’s been a noticeable and persistent brain drain from Google lately. Lots of top people have been leaving, something which is always the sign of a changing culture and internal turmoil.

The corporate streets are littered with the roadkill of those who thought they could count Microsoft out.

And maybe for the past couple of years you could. But no more. They’ve reinvented themselves, with many excellent new products released, with more coming.

Not only is the Borg back in town. They”re ready to party.


  1. A lot of truth there, but I never underestimate Microsoft’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

  2. First off, what does “Google is dulling” mean?

    Second, I think people miss the point of Bing. It’s just a search engine, unlike Google which integrates seamlessly with a vast array of other applications including Reader, Docs, Youtube, Calendar, and even your browsing history.

    Also let’s not forget the reasons why Google’s competitors fail so hard at competing in the search market – THEY EDIT RESULTS. Try searching for “Firefox” on Windows Live or “Gmail” on Yahoo. You’ll see what I mean. This doesn’t even get into “Personalized Search” which I can tell you that, both as a citizen journalist and OSINT analyst, is an unbelievably useful tool. A tool that Live, Bing, and Yahoo all lack.

    That said, I’m a huge Windows fan, and version 7 is absolutely phenomenal. However, I’d also caveat that by echoing EGrise’s comment – “never underestimate Microsoft’s ability to shoot themselves in the foot.”

    • By dulling, he means Google is starting to slip, not always be on top of things. As mentioned, an exodus of top staff like Google is having now means something is going wrong, IMO.

      A few months ago, one of their long-time employees and a top designer quit because he said it’s run by engineers now and he was getting memos saying be prepared to justify your choice of a 3, 4, or 5 px box around something onscreen and he thought things were becoming counter-productive, so he resigned.

  3. * Office will now be in the cloud.

    Umm…this is supposed to be a selling point? The cloud is a device to give more control of your computing to the corps. Period. Much better, if you’re going to switch OSs to change to Linux or another Unix derivative. You get to keep more control of your computing.

    • Well, the just-announced Google Chrome OS will run open source Linux and be in the cloud. I think that’s where we’re all going.

      • However, we have the choice not to join the cloud should we wish not to. I think cloud computing could be quite useful in the computer pricing down for the rest of the world (you can find Linux netbooks for <$200), so that may well be worth the effort. I am weary of having anything personal (forms, irs returns, etc.) just floating about.

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