Can the media SHUT UP ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON and start covering  North Korea’s July 4th plans to launch a long-range missile?!

— Chris Pirillo on Facebook

Yes, North Korea does have a right to fire missiles, however they seem decidedly Loony Tunes and insanely provocative lately, probably due to a raging internal power struggle over who the successor will be when the Great Leader dies.

Their actions seem like the drunk little guy in a bar who always tries to pick a fight with a guy who is the size of a refrigerator. Sooner or later, he’s going to get clobbered.


  1. Except they’re the drunk little guy in the bar… with a gun in his pocket. He’s going to get clobbered, but someone might get badly hurt.

  2. I spent a bunch of time studyig this back when Ray-gun was trying to start a nuclear war – the dirty little secret none seem to want to talk about is that is flung willy-nilly to the east the extreme range of one of NK’s left-over Soviet ICBMs is my backyard.

    I was once that little guy in the bar – broke just about even (and more than a few teeth).

    • I was thinking of a friend when I wrote that. he’s the size of a linebacker and a skilled bar fighter. Used to leave the little ones who challenged him in a pool of blood in the parking lot, but said it got to be a pain. so he ended up drinking in biker bars because he said it was the only place people left you alone (mostly they know a fight means someone is probably going to the hospital.)

      PS He’s been sober many years now and turned into a gentle giant

    • North Korea doesn’t have any “left-over Soviet ICBMs” (whatever the hell that means to you) they don’t have anything approaching that level of sophistication. The “dirty little secret” if there is such a thing is that DPRK has shit equipment. They’re shooting missiles at reefs and whale toilets. Sheesh, the fact that we have several squadrons of F-22’s stationed in both South Korea and Japan should tell you that if those missiles were remotely a threat to anybody they’d be vaporized on the launch pad faster than you can say “Dear Leader.”

      This is a game. It serves two purposes: one, to obscure the esoterica of royal succession within DPRK (the elite consists of Kim’s family, the party leadership, and the “600 families” of power/economic interests – each must be satisfied), and two, a proxy show of force by China which parallels similar escalations in India (Maoist/Naxalite insurgencies) and Russia (sinking/assaulting Russian flag vessels in controversial waters).

      The only people who are going to “get clobbered” are the citizens on the ground in North Korea. Let’s not look for excuses to bomb an already oppressed population.

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