Is Gov. Sanford right in the head?

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford just gave an interview with AP saying that his mistress is his soul mate but he wants to reconcile with his wife for the kids and his career. Right, with that approach, putting her needs squarely before his, he’ll be sure to woo her back.

He also said there were other women that he ‘crossed lines’ with but he only had sex with the Argentinian woman and they were together more times than he originally said.

‘Crossed lines’? Are we back in high school talking about second and third base here? Also, it needs to be said that for many, including Bill Clinton, their definition having sex does not include oral sex. Just thought I’d toss that in the mix.

Look, sexual affairs that end marriages and careers hardly just happen to right wing politicians. But Sanford gets himself in even deeper every time he opens his mouth, and is starting to sound positively unhinged and oblivious to consequences.

So, I’m wondering, just how mentally stable is he?


  1. I getting a little tired of the blame being placed on the woman. Grant this is typical christiajn behavior – blame someone else and never accept responsibility for one’s own behavior – but never-the-less the bozo violated his oath not just to his spouse but his constituents his lying sack of garbage church as well.

    Get a rope. It is, afterall, against the law in S. Carolina.

    • Sometimes I wonder if people like Sanford ever actually believed a word of what they were saying or if it was always just a way to get and maintain political power.

    • Funny you mention his “oath to his wife”, since that’s exactly what he said about Clinton during his scandal. I wonder if he was with his mistress then, or if he had is change of “heart” after he was critical of Clinton…

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