Far left response to Iran protests. Crickets


The response of the far left parties to the Iran protests has been either silence, a noncommittal recitation of the facts, or an accusation that US machinations are or will be involved. None of them, to my knowledge, have endorsed the protests. Why is this?

Mass protests erupt throughout Iran in opposition to an nasty, authoritarian government, with hundreds of thousands in the streets who grow more radicalized and militant each day. Why, you’d think the mini-micro far left socialist/ communist parties who see themselves as Marxist revolutionaries would be overjoyed at the genuine upsurge of protest in Iran, one that might well yet topple a government.

But you’d be wrong. Maybe they’re grumpy because no asked them to join and it happened without them anyway? Darn it, Marx said the revolution has to happen with them in the lead, didn’t he? Or perhaps they actually support Ahmadinejad, in the bizarre delusion sometimes found on the far left that anyone who opposes US policies should blindly be supported because they supposedly stand against imperialism. (Presumably when such leaders are not executing leftists, one hopes.) Or perhaps they’re just too preoccupied by left factionalism and the endless parsing of what Marx said to know what to do when an actual revolutionary upsurge of a populace pops up. As happens too often, the far left appears to have marginalized itself yet again.

As of 11:40pm Sunday night:

SWP US and Socialist Party US have nothing on their homepages about Iran.

SWP UK has a noncommittal article about Iran with no endorsement of the protesters.

ISO comes the closest to actually endorsing the protesters but can’t quite make the leap. C’mon, try again, I know you can do it.

Worker’s World hints darkly of US machinations, I guess they assume the people of Iran have no will or thoughts of their own and are mere puppets. PSL takes somewhat the same line, but makes it mostly about the evil the US has done in the past. Which of course, has huge and abiding relevance to the matters at hand.

RCP has two articles but as is their wont, tries to make the protests about youth and Maoism. Right, because of course it always has to be about RCP and their goals.

But RCP is just an extreme example of the self-absorption and lack of relevance too often found now on the far left.

I can’t find one far left group that has endorsed the Iran protests. Not one.