Apropos. Sinfest 05/14/09


So, I’m trying to actually do work on my laptop when Windows announces an update, which I start. It promptly locks up Firefox, slows everything to a crawl, with the fan going into overdrive.. I start swearing and Sue yells from another room, “Look at Sinfest NOW.”

So I did.


  1. And don’t you love it when you’ve got fifteen windows open (which happens a lot when I’m researching) and Update says it’s going to reboot in 5 minutes? Sure you can dismiss it– but you can’t leave your computer unattended for lunch or coffee break until you’ve finished or saved all those windows, else all is lost!

    • I have update set to download and notify. That way it doesn’t automatically update, I have to tell it to start. Even with that, it’s annoying.

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