1. I find it interesting that the whole concept of trust has come into question. I grew up in (and once again live in) a small town where reputation is everything. I spent 25 years in Los Angeles where if you move across the street you have all new neighbors that you don’t know.

    In LA, business can be tricky because shady characters can fold up shop and reopen somewhere else– or just get new customers, there are literally millions of them available. So there are few consequences for not being trustworthy. In a small town, if you do something shady, everyone knows, and they don’t forget. Your grandkids will hear about it!

    Dilbert speaks to the concept of doing business with people you know– not faceless corporations. Even in the city, networks develop of like-minded people who come to trust each other. Sometimes these are intentional (like Rich Flyer’s network in Reno), but usually they just happen. It may be hard to get your internet from Joe The Internet Guy, but many in many products and services from auto repair to tax prep to produce sales, you DO have a choice.

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