Sue graduates


My wife Sue graduated yesterday with a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University. It was a two years Masters program jammed into just nine months. So, as you can imagine, it was a teensy bit on the intensive side. She worked impossibly hard, with grueling hours of endless study, and while all her grades aren’t in yet, her GPA should be an impressive 3.80 or so.

The graduation was aboard the permanently berthed USS Hornet in Alameda CA, and was the first time I’d ever been aboard an aircraft carrier.

We pick a Penske truck Monday morning, load it, and will be heading to our new home either Monday or Tuesday. As with previous moves, we’re doing it ourselves. This time though, the cats travel with us. Here’s hoping my cat Joey doesn’t serenade me the entire 400 miles with yowling. But that’s what cat tranquilizers are for! He will be pleasantly zonked and yowl-free, I hope.

We’re using to help us load and unload. They have 700+ locations, pay taxes and have workers comp, and can provide day labor at a quite reasonable price with an hour or so notice.

Yes, this is a busy, turbulent time for us. We have sleep penciled in as a possible option by Wednesday or so… Onward.