Anti-pirate water cannons

Force 80 anti-pirate water cannon from Pirate Safe
Force 80 anti-pirate water cannon from Pirate Safe

Via The Coming Anarchy, who notes the Pirate Safe Water Cannon pushes four times more gallons per minute than similar firefighter equipment. A commenter there notes that a minute or two would probably be enough to sink most Somali pirate boats.

These water cannons are also seriously high tech.

Radio Remote Control – capable of controlling all cannons “on the run”

Marine Small Target Tracker (MSTT) by Raytheon Anschütz, integrated with your
vessel’s existing radar to detect pirates long before they arrive.

Chemical Additives – e.g., foam for increased fighting power, slippery foam, dyes, etc.

Lights, Camera, Action! Add flood & spot lights, and other peripherals, all controlled from the UCS station

Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) and other innovative, third-party systems can be easily integrated with, and controlled by, the UCS station.

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  1. Better than actual guns though… Sinking a ship or two would probably stop the attacks for a while, until they figure out how to defend against it. And would probably result in less deaths than keeping AK47’s on board.

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