Temperatures soar to 82 in S.F. Bloggers gasp for relief



Dear God, make it stop.

The hellish weather will subside by Wednesday, with a slight chance of rain by Friday.

SF is a wondrous city. However, it doesn’t really have a summer and residents whimper when it gets above 75. But then, we lived in the San Fernando Valley one recent summer with 90 days in a row over 90, 17 in a row over 100, and it peaked out at 117. (It is possible the heat did bake my brain.)

Now, we’re moving back to the Land of Warm again, where 95 is considered getting hot. Mark Twain was right about San Francisco when he said, “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”


  1. In the south we have humidity way above 100%, which on the positive side, means we can virtually swim from location to location. 😉

  2. At the moment (3:36 pst 4/21) it’s eighty-five degrees at four thousand feet above sea level on the Oregon High Desert mid-way to the pole just a stones throw from what were once glacial clad volcanos.

    • Meanwhile in SF, Sue and I are just starting to enjoy the warmish weather even as friends here say this furnace of a heat wave is *quite* unusual..

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