London police launch anti-Twitter squad at G20 protests

Protesters, police go online in G-20 battle

Marina Pepper, one of the organizers of G-20 Meltdown, said that Twitter, the blogging tool that allows short updates to be filed, published and read via cellphones, would be used to coordinate the protests — and warn participants of possible trouble.

However we are receiving disturbing reports that London police have a secret anti-Twitter sabotage team that scans tweets from the cell towers in real time, with the ability to change, re-route, or delete them. In a test of this technology yesterday, police succeeded in completely demoralizing a Black Bloc anarchist group by changing the messages they were sending each other, causing them to march twenty blocks the wrong way, then get into fist fights with each other.

This caused much mirth among police. However, unbeknown to them, an anarchist double agent had infiltrated the Twitter sabotage team and the chaos they thought they’d caused among the anarchists was simply part of a devious plan by protesters to to confuse police. The police may think they control the twitter stream, but in reality the G20 protesters do.

You see, the real communication between protestors will be happening on Facebook, not Twitter. Assuming of course that Facebook hasn’t been infiltrated or worse, that the anarchist double agent isn’t really a police triple agent.


  1. Democracy in capitalism!

  2. I so hope this is an April 1st joke.

  3. And you wonder why people are getting paranoid! 😉

  4. When will they learn to accept that “safe communication” and “going mobile” or even “going online” generally contradict eachother?

    It makes me think about how much FBI is represented in Facebook and how much Anarchy there is in Google… LOL!

    People, it’s just a military network to push bits and bites over a line… do you really think they can not read?

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