Sara Jane Olson

sara jane olson

I heard Sara Jane Olsen speak at a bookstore in Santa Monica about eight years ago, right after she’d been arrested and was out of bail. She looked and acted like a perky soccer mom. Thus, I was startled by the photo. Yes, it’s been eight years, but she’s aged.

Look. She did her time. And has apologized. Let her live her life in peace. But since that doesn’t look like it’ll happen, maybe she should ask Bill Ayers for advice on how notorious 60’s radicals survive now. Because he created a new life for himself and has thrived.

PS I heard an illuminating story about those days, from someone who was there. When the SLA was underground, they put out feelers to the Weather Underground, who was also underground, saying let’s join up. The message was passed through the various underground channels. The Weather Underground responded by saying, fuck no, those people are crazy.