Lovelle Mixon, Oscar Grant, and Oakland police


On New Years Day in Oakland, Oscar Grant was killed by BART police as he lay on the ground not protesting. The officer, Johannes Mehserle, has been charged with murder. On Saturday, Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers. Some residents link the two incidents.

First, a horrific piece of news that unfortunately will probably just toss more gasoline on the fire and polarize things further.

Oakland cop killer linked by DNA
to rape of 12 yo girl

Not only was Lovelle Mixon’s DNA a match, police now think he may have committed other rapes in the area too, as the pattern in those cases was similar.

The DNA match came back Friday afternoon. Police didn’t have time to make the case. Mixon killed four the Oakland officers the next day before being shot dead.

New American Media on the four cops being killed

Four Oakland Police Department (OPD) officers killed, another shot, and a young assailant dead. This is tragic and unfortunate. Period.

Every one of the people I spoke with, young and old, all merged this tragic incident with the killing of Oscar Grant on New Year’s day by a BART police officer.

Oakland is a town long known for the animosity between citizens and police. Such strained relations gave birth to what the city is best known for in many parts of the country – the Black Panther Party.

There is great need for healing in Oakland. A leading cause of on-going street violence is the lack of trust between the community and law enforcement. The tension in Oakland since the murder of Oscar Grant had amassed into a powder keg, and it ignited.

Whether Mixon lit it intentionally or not we may never know, but it was lit. And now, before it gets even worse, a deliberate, public, sincere healing is needed in Oakland.