AIG bonuses and Sergeant Schultz moments

sergeant schultz

Some AIG employees now have protesters and media outside their homes. Their response seems to be Sergeant Schultz moments. They know nothing, didn’t work in the AIG division where the evildoers were, so would all those dreadful, icky protesters go away from their mansions (while they proclaim they deserve bonuses, of course.)

Sure, many at AIG had nothing to do with the greedheads who cratered the company and bonuses are a major part of their income. But the government effectively owns AIG now and is pumping in hundreds of billions, so I’m unclear why anyone there should get a bonus when their firm is effectively bankrupt.

Apparently nineteen states agree, and are going after AIG bonuses.

Some of those at Clusterstock have their panties in a twist because the Connecticut Working Families Party is having a bus tour to protest at AIG execs homes this Saturday. Apparently ruffians from Bridgeport and the like will be invading the privileged enclaves of Greenwich to protest. Oh the horror.


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