How not to confront the far right

tony ward injured
Injured BNP member

Socialist Unity says the anti-BNP protesters in Leigh who destroyed a BNP auto with baseball bats and crowbars and attacked its members simply gave that far right party more legitimacy and made the left look bad.

How effective is our message that the BNP are tainted with connection with hooligans, when the anti-fascists attack the BNP with hammers? There is no substitute to defeating the BNP politically, and the last thing the left needs is this sort of macho self-indulgence.

Mindless adventurism like this is always counterproductive. Among other things, it gives the government an excuse to crack down and alienates potential followers.

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  1. “Mindless adventurism”? More like criminal behavior that belies any commitment to democracy, freedom, the rule of law, or basic civil rights. Is that what the left is selling? Chaos and warlordism? Somehow I doubt that its more grounded members would agree.

    Or is dictatorship okay as long as “we” are in charge?

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