The bees are back in town

bees on flower

The Disaster Chic crowd has one less Potentially World-Ending Threat to worry about as the Bee Die-Off didn’t happen as predicted and instead there’s a glut of them in California now. (Economics rather than nature appears to be the reason for the population fluctuation.)

Sue just inquired as to why Polizeros sometimes mocks doomongers while simultaneously posting about apocalyptic worldwide financial dysfunction. Well, my belief is we will be seriously screwed for a bit but will muddle through anyway.

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  1. It’s not obvious that the article you’re citing supports the certainty of your post.

    Though the idea that there is a broader and costly pollination crisis under way is entrenched (the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation is spending $28m on a report investigating it), the true picture is cloudier. In 2006 America’s National Academy of Sciences released a report on the status of pollinators in North America that concluded “for most North American pollinator species, long-term population data are lacking and knowledge of their basic ecology is incomplete.” Simply put, nobody knows. …

    We’ve seen a lot of explanations for CCD. I’d wait and see.

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