We bide a fond farewell to wretched excess

Stretch Hummer

Since it is now clear that Hummer is circling the drain, we wave goodbye to it and its absurd cousin, the Stretch Hummer, and hope that the future brings saner transportation options.

As an aside, I googled “stretch hummer” to find a photo and discovered I had one right here on Polizeros!  It’s a photo of a wedding across the street on Feb.10, 2007 when we lived in L.A.

I believe that very house was recently in foreclosure, as are / were many in the area. Another sign of changing times, indeed.

That was two moves ago. We shall probably move again after Sue graduates with her Masters in Taxation next month. Sue has what she calls “the gypsy gene” and I seem to have gotten it too. (The cats are used to it by now.)