Business Insider upset by that harsh Jon Stewart


Better get a hankie for Business Insider who are upset by Jon Stewart’s dreadfully unfair savaging of CNBC and their idol worship of billionaires combined with cream puff reporting.

Q: When’s the last time CNBC did real investigative reporting or asked a CEO a genuinely tough question?

A: (crickets)

At the same time that CNBC was cheerleading and saying everything was fine, just fine, blogs like Calculated Risk were running serious, in depth, quite serious stories about the coming subprime debacle.

I was up 30% last year on options trades because I listened to blogs like Calculated Risk, not the perky cheerleaders on CNBC.

The WSJ and Barron’s are quite capable of brass knuckle investigative journalism. Why is it that that the likes of CNBC are not?

Interestingly, the Business Insider family of websites themselves have been doing seriously good reporting on Madoff and Stanford.


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