William Morris Interview. New Century Foundation

William Morris, Next Century Foundation

Last week I interviewed William Morris of the Next Century Foundation. They are involved in conflict resolution in places such as Gaza, Iraq and also facilitate track 2 dialogues, for example arranging confidential discussions between Hamas and people who publically claim they’re not/ cannot talk to them. These meetings are a way of initiating a process of dialogue. So far British and European parliamentarians have participated. I am confidently predicting there will be similar contacts between the State Department and Hamas this year. An example of such a process would be the secret talks between the UK and the IRA that ultimately led to the peace proccess. Audio interview with William Morris (mp3 14.5MB) If you’re interested in this, you should also check out my recent interview with a member of the European Parliament who was recently in Gaza, indeed he was shelled by the Israelis during the conflict.