Smolinski case. More bizarre twists & leads

andy thibault

Andy Thibault (above photo) is a Connecticut private investigator, boxing judge, literary journal editor, and blogger. He’s been a thorn in the side of more than a few powers-that-be in Connecticut with his pit-bull reporting and investigating. This of course makes his blog, The Cool Justice Report, a Polizeros favorite (and I got to know him a bit when we lived there recently.)

Thibault is reporting on the Billy Smolinski case now. Smolinski disappeared four years ago, reaction by the local police can be described as incompetent, and three people related to the case are dead.

Billy Smolinski — the missing man forsaken by management of the Waterbury, CT Police Department and presumed murdered – could have a legacy that will help save the lives of other missing persons.

The level of police ineptitude and callousness in the Smolinski case was so startling that politicians are actually doing something about it.

The Waterbury police and their politically ambitious chief, apparently did worse than nothing (although rank and file cops did try.)

The department even suppressed information about a tip that Smolinski was strangled in Woodbridge and buried in Shelton.

Worse, three other people related to the case, have ended up dead. Washed up on shores, heroin overdose, could be coincidence, but maybe not.

The Seymour Police Department’s investigation of the apparent suicide of Smolinski’s former girlfriend’s daughter — Krystal Karpiuk — might have been compromised by a conflict of interest. The extent of a relationship between a Seymour police officer and a subject in the case might be explored.

Another fatality — that of Shaun Karpiuk, another son of Smolinski’s former girlfriend — might not have been investigated promptly or thoroughly by Waterbury police. This son — a gravedigger — apparently died of an overdose after shooting five bags of heroin. His face was bruised. The car used by associates was examined by Waterbury police only after it was washed with bleach.