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AZ AG talks legalizing drugs and gun control

Why? Because of the raging drug wars on the Mexico-US border.

90% of weapons recovered in Mexico are smuggled in from the US. So, they smuggle drugs one way and guns the other, the guns being bought by straw buyers in the US first.

The AG says rifles and AK’s need no paperwork when sold in quantity but derringers do and that this is nonsensical.

As for legalization, he sidesteps the issue a bit but says the vast bulk of drug cartel money comes from marijuana and we as a country need to talk about this. Now.


  1. China Hand talks about the same kind of thing, only with Afghanistan.

    “The Taliban is flourishing because it is so well-armed, well-funded, well-trained that it attracts the allegiance of commanders and compels the obedience of the local civilian population, and because it’s engaged in the fight of its life against the U.S., NATO, Afghanistan, and Pakistan at the same time and has learned to exploit its resources to the nth degree

    In other words, it’s doing well because it’s biggest, meanest, most paranoid, and scariest guy on the block.

    It’s also hooked on opium revenues and dependent on a cadre of professional foreign and domestic fighters to intimidate governments and ordinary citizens.

    Think of the Taliban like the Mafia of Sicily and Naples, which are perhaps its closest analogues.”

    Mafias, Narco-lords, Taliban, Pirates. Talk about living in interesting times…

  2. “90% of weapons recovered in Mexico are smuggled in from the US.”

    That’s a false statistic, and not even a LITTLE false.

    The majority of the weapons recovered in Mexico are military in nature. REAL machine guns and fully automatic weapons. Hand grenades. Rocket Launchers. Land mines.

    The 90% figure comes from those weapons confiscated that are:
    a) Clearly civilian small arms of the type that are actually available for sale in US sporting goods stores or at gun shows, and;
    b) still have their serial numbers.

    Guns meeting both of those requirements are the only ones that the Mexicans BOTHER to submit to the US BATF for tracing. 90% of THOSE guns are traceable.

    Even worse is when you watch the CSPAN video clips of the BATF guy in that Senate hearing telling them over and over again that the 2,000 gun a day and 90% figures are false, while the Senate hacks just keep spewing their talking points.


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