Wireless electricity is here

wireless electricity demo

Ryan Tseng holds his wirelessly lit lightbulb 3 inches above its power source. Photograph by Phillip Toledano. Fast Company

Wireless electricity exists now. Have a pile of cell phones and iPods to recharge? Just drop them on the recharging platform, no wires needed. Ditto for electric power tools.

There are three ways to do it. Radio-frequency Harvesting converts electricity to radio frequencies, sends them up to 85 feet, then converts back to electricity. Magnetically Coupled Resonance can power an entire room from one device, no wires needed. Inductive Coupling sends the power a few inches onto the recharging table.

Most important, these technologies exist now. I’ll not miss the tangles of cables and separate charging stations for every device.

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  1. Any bets on how long after the first widespready use of this technology happens that a few new forms of rare cancer appear? There’s a reason people don’t live near power lines. If energy is being sent from point a to point b, there is loss in the process and radiation from that loss. You can’t tell me that touching a power mains is lethal, but standing in air thats conveying the same level of energy in some other form has no side effect.

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