Nadya Suleman and casino capitalism

slot machines

Is that a trading room or a casino? It’s difficult to tell the difference sometimes. Subprime slime went looking for the big score and cratered an economy. Granny gambles away the Social Security check on the slots.

Then we have poor deluded Nadya Suleman, who was also probably looking for the big score. If she has zillion kids and looks like Angelina Jolie, then surely fame and buckets of money must follow.

There’s little difference between that and the fools who bought multiple houses they couldn’t afford, with dreams of flipping them for a fortune dancing in their heads.

Except for the 14 kids, that is. But they appear just to be commodities to be exploited.


  1. Matt Taibbi, in his books ( and articles for Rolling Stone, has written a lot about this same feeling, the idea that the beneath the American Dream is something ugly, mean, and criminal, and for some reason, we can’t help but worship it and strive for it ourselves. Other favorite creative types who’ve touched on this are Marilyn Manson (, Oliver Stone (, and James Ellroy(

    • Good catches. I missed Marilyn Manson, have to see what it’s about.

      Hunter Thompson of course explored the rabid underbelly too.

      FYI: That link you sent before to a MM occult site, a lot of the early industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle, Current 93, and Coil were seriously into Crowley and the occult.

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