Merkel: Pope must reject Holocaust denial

In unusually blunt language from a head of state, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said,

“I think it is a fundamental question if – thanks to a decision by the Vatican – the impression arises that the Holocaust can be denied,”

“This is about the pope and the Vatican making very clear that there can be no (Holocaust) denial and that there must be positive relations with Judaism.”

Another Green World tracks the convoluted and coinciding histories of the extreme right and reactionary Catholicism.

But wait, there’s even more lunacy. The Pope is praising a bishop who says Hurricane Katrina was punishment for lax morals

Days after welcoming back to the church a bishop who denies the Holocaust existed, Pope Benedict has sparked controversy again for promoting a controversial Austrian ultra-conservative cleric. Gerhard Maria Wagner claims the Harry Potter series spreads satanism and that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for New Orleans’ lax morals.

That the Pope wants to move the Church in an ultra-reactionary direction is now beyond dispute.


  1. Was it ever in dispute at all? Just saying.

  2. As the inspector would say: “I am shocked! Shocked that there is gambling going on here!”

  3. I remember when they were choosing the Pope, the candidates came down basically to two guys: The would-be first (second) African Pope who wanted to do more for worldwide AIDs relief or this eccentric ex-Nazi who thinks Islam is a satanic scam. It’s a good thing they avoided any controversy with a Black Pope and talking about AIDs (ew gross) and stuck to much safer things like boyfucking and denying the holocaust. Hallelujah!

  4. What do you expect from an authoritarian re-actionary institution based on a load of brutal myths? Truth and reasoned argument?

  5. Another excellent reason to marginalize an already morally marginalized organization.
    I find it most appropriate that a former member of the Hitler Youth is responsible for rehabilitating a Holocaust denier.
    If Homo sapiens evolves past religion, we might survive on this planet.

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