Oh gosh, that’s reassuring

fox in hen house

The president of the Peanut Corp. of America, which is currently under criminal investigation for a nationwide salmonella outbreak, serves on an advisory board that sets quality standards for peanuts.

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  1. Dawn asked me the other day why I wouldn’t eat peanuts, and the only accurate response I could come up with is my grand-parents didn’t eat them. While the value of two of my grand-parents being half First American and their and that influence on my culinary delights may very well be moot, the response that my g’da didn’t ’em is far more palatable to the inquiree, a peanut eater, than my dog doesn’t eat them.

    Like tobacco, tire studs, HDTV and thirty types of insurance, another example of the marriage of corporations and government at both the detriment and expense of the taxpayer.

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